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 NNRCS Current Entry List

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PostSubject: NNRCS Current Entry List   Tue Aug 23, 2011 10:32 pm

Here are the cars registered for the 2011 season thus far. Cup Series:

#00, Don Phipps, Jr. (USA), Yellow Transportation, Toyota
#01, J.J. Phipps (USA), Unsponsored, Toyota *ᴿ

#05, Eric Webler (USA), Activision, Chevrolet *ᴿ
#07, Jarred Mason (USA), GameStop, Dodge *ᴿ
#1, Blake Campenhausen (USA), Unsponsored, Chevrolet *ᴿ
#2, Greg Adams (USA), Franks' RedHot, Chevrolet *ᴿ
#3, Shane Lennox* (USA), Mountain Dew Code Red, Chevrolet
#4, Steve Rada (USA),, Ford

#7, Justin Neyman (USA), Miller Lite, Dodge *ᴿ
#8, Scott Jarnagin (USA), Burkhart Dental Supply, Chevrolet
#9, Nick Flaitz (USA), Muddslide Motorsports, Chevrolet

#10, Daniel Leckliter (USA), UPS, Chevrolet *ᴿ
#11, Logan Alvarez (USA), Call of Duty, Chevrolet *ᴿ
#12, Kale Webler (USA), Eutechnyx, Chevrolet *ᴿ
#13, Casey Lester (USA), NOS Energy, Chevrolet *ᴿ
#14, Shane Dowell (GBR), Powerade Energy, Dodge
#15, Robby Bannister (USA), Motorcraft, Ford
#18, Mike Yamada (JPN), Sport Clips, Toyota *ᴿ
#19, Kiara Kilgore (USA?), Mountain Dew: LiveWire, Toyota *ᴿ

#21, Aaron Fisher (USA), Monster Energy Drink, Chevrolet *ᴿ
#22, Dan Busch (USA), Coors, Chevrolet
#23, Amié Genther (CAN), Coca-Cola Classic, Chevrolet *ᴿ

#26, Daniel Dennis (USA), Venom Energy Drink, Chevrolet *ᴿ
#27, Enrique Madrona (ESP), Fly Emirates, Toyota *ᴿ
#32, Bruce Wilkinson (USA), MAHLE Clevite Inc., Ford *ᴿ
#33, Kris Floth (USA), Dunkin' Donuts, Dodge *ᴿ
#34, Pike Patton (USA), Target, Ford *ᴿ
#35, Michael Battistoli (ITA), Matchbox Racing/AAA, Toyota *ᴿ
#36, Ryan Zidek (USA?), Quaker State, Chevrolet *ᴿ
#39, Nick Dawson (CAN), Sunkist, Toyota *ᴿ

#44?, Zachary Stultz (USA?), (?), Chevrolet *ᴿ
#47, Jason Thorn (USA), Advanced Robot Combat, Dodge *ᴿ
#50, Mike Carroll (USA), Poo! The Card Game, Dodge *ᴿ
#51, Albert Harmon (USA), Unsponsered, Dodge *ᴿ
#56, Fred Laier (USA), Rockstar Energy Drink, Chevrolet
#57, Tim Averell (USA), AT&T, Dodge *ᴿ
#59, AJ Stravato (USA), Boston Bruins, Chevrolet
#62, Jacob Craigo (USA), Quaker State, Chevrolet *ᴿ

#65, Barry Juveno (USA), Jack Daniel's, Toyota *ᴿ
#66, Chase Wheeler (USA?), Loctite, Chevrolet *ᴿ
#69, Holly McCann (IRL), Slurm!, Chevrolet
#70, Jay Lopez (USA), Vaughn Goalie Equipment, Chevrolet *ᴿ
#72, Sami Joubert (GBR), Pepsi, Chevrolet
#73, William Meyers (USA), Hooters, Ford

#74, Drake Archer (USA),, Dodge *ᴿ
#75, Preston Bell (USA), Outback Steakhouse, Dodge *ᴿ
#77, Matt McFiend (USA), Mopar, Dodge *ᴿ
#79, Landon Underwood (USA), Taco Bueno, Dodge *ᴿ
#80, Josh Lambeth (USA), Sobe, Chevrolet
#81, Carter Kittleson (USA), Best Buy, Dodge *ᴿ
#82, Shaun Grantson (USA), Kodak, Dodge *ᴿ
#83, Casey Calhoun (USA), Z-Lines, Dodge *ᴿ
#85, Matthew Contey (USA), Sprite, Dodge
#87, Chris Akin (USA), Petsmart, Dodge *ᴿ
#88, Billy Fortner (USA), Fortner Motorsports, Chevrolet *ᴿ

#89, Brandon Corna (USA), National Guard, Chevrolet *ᴿ
#90, Frank Harris (USA), Monster Energy Drink, Chevrolet *ᴿ
#92, Christine Mullen (USA), (?), Dodge *ᴿ
#94, Cole Armstrong (USA), Battlebots, Dodge *ᴿ
#96, Scott Morales (USA), Realtree, Chevrolet *ᴿ
#98, Shawn Duffy (USA), Gamestop, Chevrolet
#99, Jeremy Stanley (USA), Copart, Ford
#?, Greg Berkowitz (USA), (?), Chevrolet(?)
#?, Anthony Evans (USA), (?), (?)

* - This entry was Kris Thomas from last season. I need to find an excuse of how I'm going to pull this one off...

*ᴿ - Detonates a rookie.

Entries in RED indicate that this car has been painted.

NNRCS Open Wheel Division Entries:

#03, Matthew Mitchell (USA), 7-Eleven
#04, Kyle Manucci (USA), MTV
#4, Preston Bell (USA), Pepsi
#8, Randy Cloutier (USA), Valvoline
#9, Cory Vondelga (USA), Valvoline
#10, Kasey Lautenger (USA), Valvoline
#12, Juan Gastava (NIC), Unsponsored
#13, Casey Lester (USA), NOS Energy Drink
#14, Alno Estvikolla (FIN), Finnair
#15, Steve Rada (USA), Trinetbiz
#33, Landon Rody (USA), Coca-Cola
#37, Dani Black (USA), UPS
#39, Melissa Wolfe (USA), Coke Zero
#57, Hank Mackey (USA), AT&T
#65, Barry Juveno (USA), Jack Daniel's
#70, Carmen Zwarzvaal (SAF), Sasol/Shoprite
#75, Jeff Landers (USA), Target
#79, Fernando Del Rio (ESP), Unsponsored
#99, John Cleburne (CAN), Air Canada/Home Hardware
#?, Eric Molina (CAN), Quaker State

NNRCS International Stock Car Drivers Division:

FI: Alno Estvikolla
US: Casey Lester, Preston Bell, Barry Juveno
UK: Scott Jarnagin



-Question marks in place of numbers could be for one of two things: That number has already been registered by someone else, or it has been registered by someone else via the old registration form, and is waiting on confirmation.

-Nationalities with a question mark next to them need to be confirmed.

-Sponsors with question marks in their place have already been taken by another team, or do not comply with the sponsor ruling.

-For anything that needs to be cleared up, please leave a message below.
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NNRCS Current Entry List
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